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 Hi, I'm mostly (only) posting stories that I've written in this account. Hope you like my stories and you can find a Masterlist of everything I've written



Buried Alive - When Face is kidnapped and then buried alive the team rushes to find him

Shattered - The plan doesn't come together


The Parting Glass - It wasn’t the first time that he had to clean out a fellow operative’s desk, but this time it certainly felt like the hardest.

Run Trough the Jungle - A simply observation mission turns into a rescue mission

A Man and His Socks  - Rick observes Billy's socks throughout a week

Trust or Consequences - A little rescue mission has some consequences for Billy

One Foot in the GroundWhen politician’s kids turn up missing in the African rainforest, the ODS gets sent out to look for them.

Not Alone in This - An assets betrays them and Billy has to pay for it

Home is a Fire - Billy gets bad news from home

Stand My Ground - On Friday, he has to tell his teammates that he has cancer.

Out of Control - It started as training, but became too real too fast

Curtain Call - He should hate the ODS

Nothing's the Same - Billy was coming home, even if it was just for a week and under a false name

Trust A Few- Trust is a rare but important in the spy business and now Billy and Michael have to trust themselves and their teammates to get them out.

Hope Falls Down- The ODS was driving her crazy, but she couldn't live without them either

Fate's Warning- Some things can't be controlled, whether Michael liked it or not.

Wait and Hope- Disarming a bomb took finesse and that had never been an ODS specialty

Hope Rises- Michael's last memory was the feeling of heat from the explosion and he had known with a deep-rooted fear that they had been too slow

All Things Grow With Time- Working in a team is hard and Casey has to learn to accept that

Hawaii Five-0:

Saturday Morning - He loved Saturday mornings

Only the Ocean - Explosions and water don't mix

To the Sea - Explosions and water don't mix (sequel to Only the Ocean)

Five Times Danny Got Shot And One Time He Didn't - Title pretty much says it all :)

My Friend of Misery - Steve is pacing in the waiting room

Paint It Pink - Renovation can quickly escalate to war

Minutes to Midnight - A midnight visitor comes silently

The Great Escape - Steve and Danny get kidnapped, Chin and Kono have to find them

Good Times - A day at the beach

On Dangerous Ground - Urban warfare

Live By Night - Steve has stopped pacing, because the doctor is there

On the Hunt - 1...2...3...GO

Live Wire - A substitute beating

Someone To Watch Over Me - Danno will always watch over Gracie

Lonely No More - Some introspective thinking

Surf's Up - Danny asks for surfing lessons

Blue Morning, Blue Day - The murder of a club owner leads to an interesting day for Steve and Danny

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Steve's vigil

Look After You - Enemies are what makes life interesting

Looking After Him - Danny's missing and Steve is looking for him

Rhythym of Living-
Change was good

All That I Am - AU
The Promise - Danny needs Steve to promise hims something

All We Are - One of the worst days in Steve’s life

All That I Am - Commemorating a sad anniversary

All Fall Down - Steve hadn't slept for three days

Butterfly Kisses - To celebrate a birthday

We're Safe -
It was her favorite picture and it went wherever she went


Inside Sherlock's Head -what happened after the ending of the Great Game

Mistakes - The one time Sherlock actually makes a real mistake, John is the victim

Nobody's Fault But Mine - John gets injured, while protecting Sherlock

Dazed and Confused - Sherlock wakes up in a hospital, dazed and confused

Bête noire - Everyone has nightmares

Happy Birthday - It's John's birthday and Sherlock bakes him a cake

The Dying Detective - A modern rewrite of the Dying Detective, but with a little twist

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Something bad happens to John, because of one of Sherlock's texts

Shine A Light - Sherlock thinks that John is dead

Sniffles - Sherlock is sick

Emergency Tracheotomy - Stick a pen in a throat

All Down the Line - John is sick and collapses at a crime scene

In the Light - He should have said "there." Such a simple word. But, he didn't say it. So, John was hooked up to a respirator and a defibrillator was sitting next to his bed..

Let It Loose - Blackmailer and dark alleys don't match

Stray Cat Blues - It's raining and Sherlock forgot his key

Trampled Under Foot - John is injured and Sherlock forgets about him, so it is Mycroft to the rescue

Endgame - Sherlock's and Moriarty's fatal meeting at the edge of the Reichenbach Falls


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